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Snapmaker Artisan

Manufacturer : Snapmaker
Sectors : Education, Fablabs

The Snapmaker Artisan is the latest addition to the Snapmaker 3-in-1 range. Still as versatile as its predecessors, the Artisan model is larger and more powerful than the earlier models. Thanks to its multiple functionalities, it will prove to be at the height of your creativity.

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Snapmaker Artisan

Multifunctional 3D printer

The Snapmaker Artisan gives anyone easy access to 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser engraving and cutting. These cleverly designed modules make it possible to switch from one function to another in just a few seconds, simply slide the tool head and the platform and click them together.

3D printing

The smart 3D printing module is able to recognize the size and type of nozzle mounted on your machine. This will allow you to quickly select the best print profiles for your projects. The module has 2 extrusion nozzles giving you access to bi-material 3D printing and making it possible to print soluble supports. The leveling of the printing platform and the adjustment of the offsets are carried out automatically.  The two-sided printing bed allows you to choose the ideal coating for better adhesion of the parts. One side is in PEI, the other in glass.

Laser cutting and engraving

Cut up to 8mm thick material in a single pass with the 10W laser module and engrave up to 6000mm/min. The 0.05mm x 0.2mm laser point allows you to engrave and cut with great precision. Automatic development and calculation of material thickness with triangulation technology. Wide angle camera to preview your projects on Luban software. Wide range of accessible materials: plywood, MDF, solid wood, composites, plastic, cardboard, paper, fabric, acrylic, etc.

CNC machining

Mill with precision thanks to the Snapmaker Artisan’s rigid structure and high-speed 200W CNC module. Woods, composites, plastics, PCBs, resins and much more are at your fingertips.

Large build volume

The volume of 400 x 400 x 400 mm makes it possible to produce large parts or small series in one go.

Simple and intuitive

All the functions necessary for smooth use of the machine are available directly via the Snapmaker Artisan’s 7-inch touch screen. USB key, USB cable and WIFI allow you to communicate in the way that suits you best with your machine. Leveling operations are carried out automatically for time savings and better results. Finally, the Snapmaker Luban software allows you to carry out all types of projects with the 3 methods of manufacturing the machine in a single interface. Preconfigured profiles make it easy to get started with 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC machining. The settings can be modified for more experienced users who wish to obtain results other than those provided by the software profiles.

Machines built to last

The Snapmaker Artisan has a large majority of all-metal parts. Thus the machine is extremely rigid and strong to guarantee its service life and stable use throughout its life.

Closed enclosure

The craftsman has an enclosure allowing, among other things, an additional gain in terms of safety for users: filtration of laser radiation, smoke and harmful particles, the enclosure also prevents direct access to mechanical parts to avoid any risk of injury. The closed enclosure is also very useful to avoid deformations when printing ABS.

A machine made for you

Snapmaker has created a number of modules allowing users to add functions to their machine according to their activity: air purifier, cylinder turner, more powerful laser, etc.

  • The Snapmaker Artisan also exists in “3D printing only”. This version does not include the CNC and laser functions as well as the enclosure but can be upgraded later.

Snapmaker Artisan

  • Machine dimensions 580 x 620 x 634 mm (665 x 943 x 705 with enclosure)
  • Weight 52.9 kg (package 34.8 kg + 31.5 kg)
  • Snapmaker Luban software – Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Connectivity: USB cable, USB key, Wifi

3D printing

  • Materials: PLA, ABS, ASA, TPU, PVA, HIPS, Nylon, Nylon CF, Nylon GF,…
  • Filament 1.75mm
  • Build volume: 400 x 400 x 400mm (350 x 400 x 400mm in dual extrusion)
  • Nozzle temperature 300°C max
  • Bed temperature 110°C max
  • Printing accuracy ±0.1mm0.4mm brass nozzle (standard), compatible with 0.6, 0.8 and 1 mm nozzle, and reinforced steel nozzle
  • Print speed 180mm/s max


  • Machining area 400 x 400 mm
  • Materials: Wood, PCB, plastics, composites,…
  • Rotation speed: 18000 rpm max.
  • 200W power
  • Shank diameter: 0.5mm to 6.35mm


  • Engraving/cutting area: 400 x 400 mm
  • Materials: MDF, plywood, wood, fabrics, cardboard, plastic, acrylic, leather,…
  • 10W power
  • Laser 450 – 460 nm class 4 (reduced to class 1 with the enclosure)
  • Engraving speed 100mm/s max.
  • Depth of cut in 1 pass: 8mm max.


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Snapmaker develops, manufactures and sells multifunction production and prototyping machines for 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC machining. Their machines are extremely user-friendly thanks to the software developed by Snapmaker to manage the different manufacturing methods in a single software interface. Snapmaker has won multiple awards since its foundation and…

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