Thermoforming 508DT

Manufacturer : Thermoforming machine
Sectors : Fablabs, Education, Industry

The 508DT thermoforming machine makes it possible to perform complex material quality forming.

Reference : Thermoforming508DT
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Thermoforming 508DT

The 508DT thermoforming machine enables high-quality forming of complex materials.

It is equipped with a PLC control system. Thanks to its fast and energy-efficient Quartz resistors at variable standby, the 508DT is ready for use in less than five minutes. The machine can store up to 20 thermoforming programs. A custom trolley is available for this machine.



  • Sheet area : 508 x 457 mm
  • Forming surface : 482 x 432 mm
  • Depth of thermoforming : 185 mm
  • Thickness of the material : 6 mm
  • Heating type : Quartz
  • Heating zones : 4
  • Power consumption : 3.5 kW


  • 4 independent heating zones
  • Heats better regulated and more accurate for more demanding materials.
  • PLC Mitsubichi with touch screen
  • A touch screen for use management with possibility of saving settings in the memory.
  • Integral heating plate with interlock system.
  • This machine is delivered with all the protections to be used in educational environment.
  • Vacuum manometer (visual indication of suction power in progress)


  • 240 V, 13 amps
  • 50 Hz single phase
  • Power consumption = 3.2 kW


  • CE machine
  • Locking system preventing the rise of the mold if the heating plate is in the forward position
  • Heating tray mounted on slides
  • Quick start
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Quick change of the molds. Possible use of molds plaster, wood, resin, aluminum.
  • 12 months warranty


Thermoforming machine

The thermoforming process is used to produce thermoplastic parts for a wide variety of applications, including high-tech, aeronautics, automotive, packaging and interior design. It's a fast, simple solution that involves heating a thermoplastic in coil or sheet form to make it malleable and take on the shape of a mold.

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