TITOMIC D523 : Coldspray Technology

Manufacturer : Titomic
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry, Railway, Defense

The Titomic D523 cold spray system is a portable tool for repairing metal parts quickly, simply, and at a lower cost than traditional repair methods.

Reference : TitomicD523
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TITOMIC D523 : Coldspray Technology

The system uses compressed air to spray metal particles onto the surface, allowing the metals to fuse without heat. This means that the system does not introduce heat into the metal parts, thus avoiding deformation and changes in the grain structure.


  • Reduced repair costs – often by as much as 90%
  • Repair of parts and surfaces in minutes, in-house
  • Minimal machining required
  • Fusion of dissimilar materials, such as applying nickel to cast iron.


  • Prevent and repair corrosion damage
  • Repair bearing seats
  • Repair shapes and patterns for plastic, glass and metal casting
  • Hermetically sealing radiators and HVAC systems
  • Adding electrical and thermal conductive layers to metals.

This solution is ultra-mobile but can also be integrated in a special waterproof cabin for recurrent use on site.

  • Technology : Cold Spray
  • Materials : Open system, MIM powders
  • Maximum production rate : 30g/min
  • Gas : Air/N2
  • Required gas quantity : 6 bar/400L/min
  • Power connection : 230V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Power : 3,3 KW
  • Temperature : Between 20 and 600°C
  • User interface : Touch screen
  • Size : 550 x 1420 x 266 mm


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Titomic is specialized in metal additive manufacturing. It uses a Cold Spray process called "Titomic's Kinetic Fusion Additive Manufacturing" abbreviated as "TKF AM", which allows to produce high performance parts and to perform coatings or repairs on demand. This technology is suitable for advanced industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense,…

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