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Large grinding machines

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WALDRICH COBURG Grinding machines


Waldrich Coburg - WayGrindThe WayGrind is the world’s highest-precision large machine tool. Machine tool manufacturers around the globe are using it for the high-precision manufacturing of their guideways. However, the use of  WALDRICH COBURG´s guideway and surface grinding machines is not restricted to high precision manufacturing of grey cast-iron or steel components for machine tools. Components of hard stone (e.g. granite), ceramics or polymer concrete for measuring measuring machines or measuring plates can also be machined.

Other typical applications are the fully automatic grinding of base plates for multiple tools of injection molding machines or plates in jig manufacturing.


Waldrich Coburg - RailgrindThe RailGrind is a high-precision grinding machine for manufacturing compact linear guideways. If the machine is equipped with two grinding supports, simultaneous grinding on both profile sides of the linear guideways is possible.

When fitted with three grinding heads, the machine has two grinding supports with a vertical grinding spindle on the machine portal for simultaneously grinding of both side profile surfaces of the linear guideway and one grinding support with a horizontal grinding spindle for grinding the “contact surface” of the linear guideway. The highest accuracy is achieved by simultaneously machining all three workpiece surfaces decisive for accuracy.


Waldrich Coburg - CorruGrindThe CorruGrind is used for producing corrugated rollers for manufacturing corrugated cardboard. Modern systems for corrugated cardboard operate with a paper run-through speed of up to 700 m/min. This places the most demanding requirements on the production accuracy of the corrugated rollers. If the paper were to run through the system at such a high speed, even the smallest deviations in the pitch of the toothing profile or concentricity errors of the corrugated roller would result in the paper tearing. From the standpoint of production and due to the high accuracy involved, a corrugated roller can be compared to a precision gearwheel, however with a toothing profile with a length of 2,000 to 3,000 mm.


  • Clearance width : 1 000 – 3 500 mm
  • Clearance height : 1 000 – 3 500 mm
  • Setup lenght : 2 000 – 15 000 mm
  • Power of grinding support : 22 / 50 kW


  • Setup lenght : 4 000 – 8 000 mm
  • Power of grinding support : 45 kW
  • Tool change : semi-automated
  • Automation : Fully or semi-automated workpiece handling


  • Diameter of workpiece : 200 – 650 mm
  • Lenght of workpiece (max) : 4 700 mm
  • Grinding lenght (max) : 3 500 mm
  • Power of grinding support : 55 / 75 kW


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GLOBAL SPECIALIST OF MAJOR POROUS MILLING AND TURNING MACHINES The company WALDRICH, located in COBURG and founded in 1920 by the engineer Adolf Waldrich, has a long experience in the field of Machine Tools. WALDRICH COBURG is one of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of high quality…

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