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YETI TOOL – Smartbench PrecisionPro

Manufacturer : Yeti Tool
Sectors : Education, Fablabs, Industry

The entry level large format CNC Router is designed to accommodate those on the tightest of budgets, whilst giving you a tool to produce large scale projects in small spaces. Yeti Tool kept all the groundbreaking features of SmartBench V1.1 in an affordable package by using their standard spindle with manual speed control and OZ collet system.

Combined with ShapeCutter the console based cutting app, you have an intuitive and powerful tool at your fingertips allowing you to start creating like never before. For those new to CNC, ShapeCutter has a walk-through job wizard making getting started a simple process.


Reference : YetiToolSmartBenchPrecisionPro
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SmartBench PrecisionPro

Model Specific Features

  • ZHead V2
  • 230V 1000W Spindle
  • Digital speed control
  • Auto Tool Stop if spindle is in constant overload
  • Real time spindle load display
  • Precision ER16 collet – max 10mm shank
  • Dual Z Axis Lead Screws for additional ridgidity
  • Laser X/Y Datum set point system
  • Can accommodate up to a 10 amp extraction system


  • Easy to use step by step set-up wizard walks you through your cut.
  • Navigation tabs allow you to navigate through the set up tasks.
  • 10 different geometry types to choose from.
  • Save your tool/job profile for a quick job turn around.
  • Prompts and hints on process.
  • Compatible with both inches and millimeters.

Ease of use

  • Intuitive touch screen control.
  • Wi-Fi (2.4GHz Network only)/USB connectivity for simple file transfer.
  • Z Probe for fast, easy and accurate setting.
  • Extraction system for clean operation.
  • Pack up and store away in 3 minutes.
  • Easy and quick calibration app ensures your SmartBench is always in tip top condition.

Improve efficiency

  • Autonomous cutting – Working with you. SmartBench gets the job done whilst allowing you to get on with other tasks.
  • Fast setup – plan your job on the touch screen, set your materials and press go.
  • Astonishing job time – SmartBench can perform multiple cutting operations, dramatically improving your job time.


  • SmartBench fits into a SWB van.
  • Sections have been made to be handled by one person.
  • Nothing more required to start producing standard shapes than SmartBench and a router bit.
  • Set up on site within 3 minutes.
  • Height adjustable feet makes light work of setting up on un-even surfaces.

Big capabilities

  • Process up to 2500mm (98.43”) x 1250mm (49.2”) sheets edge to edge.
  • Use SmartBench in feed-through mode and process any length of work surface.

Multi materials

  • Softwood and hardwood timber sections up to 150mm thick.
  • Timber based composite boards
  • Composite worksurfaces
  • Polycarbonate, Acrylic and other forms of plastic

Quality and accuracy assured

  • Accuracy of +/-0.5mm or better
  • CE certified
  • Remote software upgrades means you get the benefit of our ever increasing library of cutting apps

Safety in mind

  • E Stop
  • Interupt bars along the x axis
  • Cutter door open cut out switch



  • X axis travel : 1265 mm
  • X max speed : 6 meters per minute
  • Y axis travel : 2515 mm
  • Y max speed : 6 meters per minute
  • Z axis travel : 152 mm
  • Z max speed : 2 meters per minute
  • Max sheet cut size : 2500 x 1250 mm
  • Max depth of material : 152 mm
  • X & Y Axis : Rack and pinion
  • Z Axis : Lead screw

Power requirements

  • Voltage : 230 v
  • Power : 1400 watts

Processing your model

  • Software : Any CAM software with a GRBL post processor
  • File Types : .nc or .gcode


  • Speed : 5,000 – 25,000 rpm
  • Speed Control : Digital
  • Auto Tool Stop : Yes
  • Power : 1000 watt
  • Collet : ER16 – Max shank 10mm

Finished Part

  • Accuracy:+/-0.5mm or better

Physical dimensions

  • Length : 2740 mm
  • Width : 1650 mm
  • Height :  1350 mm
  • UDL : 100kg

Shipping dimensions

  • Number of Boxes : 4
  • Total Weight : 105 kg


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Yeti Tool Ltd is a British technology company who design and manufacture smart tools for the workshop & job-site. By digitising the control of power tools and accessories, they revolutionise the project workflow. Their innovative, mobile systems enable custom, automated manufacturing — reducing error and improving accuracy in a fraction…

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