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[Raise3D Case Study] 3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids


Raise 3D - 3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids

3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids with DriftDog

DriftDog is a company that specializes in the production of customized trolleys and other orthopedic aids and technical solutions for animals with disabilities. DriftDog designs, builds and customizes each product according to the needs of their four-legged customers (as well as customers with other numbers of legs), as well as providing its expertise in 3D printing, scanning and 3D modelling, in service of the veterinary sector.

Francesco Messina, a 3D modelling technician and founder of DriftDog, talks about his company’s experience.

“We were looking for a solid, reliable and technologically advanced printer, and we came across the Raise3D Pro2. After chatting online with other Raise3D users and testing ideaMaker, which we found to be immediately intuitive and complete 3D printing slicing software, we decided to purchase one (for now).

Raise 3D - 3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids

Prosthesic component in the slicing phase, in ideaMaker

DriftDog applies 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D modeling techniques to most of its activities. From rapid prototyping and subsequent production of new components for our trolleys, to the printing of jigs which are essential for certain processes.

Raise 3D - 3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids

3D-printed prosthetic component made of TPU

We study and manufacture orthopedic prostheses, braces and 3D printed immobilizers in cooperation with orthopedic veterinarians!
Furthermore, we print anatomical models in 3D for veterinary training and practise.

Among the works we made thanks to 3D printing:

  • protective helmets for dogs with hydrocephalus problems;
  • reconstruction of the carapace of an injured turtle;
  • artificial paws for birds

Raise 3D - 3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids

Canine mandible during 3D printing

Without 3D printing this would have been impossible

If we had relied on external companies to produce the components in order to obtain a functional prototype, we would run the risk that any further modification would have meant precious time wasted and thousands of euros spent.
If we had used traditional methods to make the finished products, we would have been obliged to spend large sums of money on machinery that we would have used only for that specific process.

Right from the start, our Raise3D Pro2 brought practicality to our reality: we can print an infinite range of technical materials. Thanks to the double extruder, we save time by printing water-soluble supports, thus obtaining an even cleaner result.

The double extruder is useful for 3D-printing end-use parts, customized with our two-tone logo; thanks to the large printing area we have no limits in processing, we are almost always able to print components in one piece.

Raise 3D - 3D Printing Animal Orthopedic Aids

Example of an educational anatomical model of a canine skull in 1: 1 scale

I could not imagine the future of DriftDog without 3D printing!

Now, we are working to be able to offer veterinarians models for surgical planning in a very short time, all thanks to 3D printing.

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