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Raise3D | Pro2 Series Printers Assist the Tailor-made Breast Prostheses



Pro2 Series Printers Assist the Tailor-made Breast Prostheses

NEWTEAM MEDICAL, a leading French company specializing in customized medical prosthetics, has embraced the innovative use of 3D printing technology and made constant use of three Raise3D Pro2 Series printers. Their President, Leonarda Sanchez, believes in the importance of the versatility of their prosthetics, catering not only to breast reconstruction but also serving as multipurpose solutions for individuals recovering from severe burns, cancers, or sarcomas.

By leveraging 3D scanning and printing advancements, NEWTEAM MEDICAL has revolutionized the prosthetics manufacturing process, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving. They utilize 3D printing to create precise molds, enabling the production of fully personalized parts for each patient, a level of customization unattainable with traditional molding methods.


NEWTEAM MEDICAL has embraced the innovative use of 3D printing technology

Transforming the Prosthetics Manufacturing Process

Traditionally, creating custom-made prosthetics involved a complex, time-consuming, and expensive series of stages. However, the advent of 3D scanning and printing technologies has revolutionized the field. NEWTEAM MEDICAL has fully embraced this transformation, leveraging the advantages of 3D printing to streamline their manufacturing process.


Leveraging the advantages of 3D printing to streamline the manufacturing process

The integration of 3D printing allows NEWTEAM MEDICAL to produce molds with exceptional precision. These molds are then used to cast silicone, resulting in fully personalized parts for each patient. The ability to achieve such a high level of customization would have been unimaginable with traditional molding techniques, making 3D printing a game-changer for the company.


Producing molds with exceptional precision

Unlocking Freedom of Choice with Raise3D

Leonarda Sanchez emphasizes the freedom of choice offered by Raise3D printers, which NEWTEAM MEDICAL opted for due to their affordability and versatility. The ability to print different types of materials opens up a world of possibilities, ensuring that the company can meet the specific needs of each patient with ease and efficiency.


Meet the specific needs of each patient with ease and efficiency

For the past six years, NEWTEAM MEDICAL has relied on three Raise3D printers, which have become indispensable assets to their operations. By harnessing these advanced printers to produce support tools and parts in-house, the company has not only enhanced the quality of their work but also significantly reduced their reliance on external sources. This internal production capability has proven to be invaluable, saving valuable time, boosting overall efficiency, and ultimately resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.


Enhanced the work quality and significantly reduced the reliance on external sources

NEWTEAM MEDICAL’s groundbreaking integration of 3D printing technology in their customized medical prosthetics has propelled the industry forward. By leveraging the precision and versatility of Raise3D printers, they have transformed the manufacturing process, resulting in enhanced quality, increased customization, and improved patient care. This innovative approach not only showcases the immense potential of 3D printing in the medical field but also sets a new standard for excellence and innovation in the industry.

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