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Released netfabb version 5


Valuable new features in netfabb Professional 5 includes:
•         mesh repair undo, wrap surfaces, view inside, 3D extrude and z-compensation
•         faster renderer with full colour and texture viewing
•         improved part analysis with wall thickness test, upskin & downskin analysis, shadow parts and center of gravity
•         Improved slice editor and live collision detection for build setup
•         New primitives to convert images and heightmaps into a 3D mesh as well as new standard primitives for screws, nuts, gears and moulds
netfabb Professional is focused on increasing productivity in file review, repair, modification, mesh optimisation, quoting and build setup. netfabb Professional is a tool to be used from quoting and planning throughout the production process. Review and quoting is facilitated by functions to predict build issues and for machine operators and production engineers the repair, modification and editing functions improve the quality of their work to make more files buildable and the quality control minimizes build errors and saves time.


With netfabb Professional 5 you can:
•         measure and analyse, check wall thickness, estimate material consumption
•         hollow parts and adjust wall thickness
•         use boolean or wrapping to create one tight outer shell
•         divide, cut, extrude and combine parts efficiently
•         edit, reduce, refine, smooth and optimize the triangle mesh
•         view and measure your parts from the inside
•         view parts in full colour
•         add features with primitives in different shapes
•         mark parts with 3D text
•         extrude 2D geometries to 3D
•         use live collision detection to speed up the build setup
•         slice, create offsets, boolean the slices and a lot more…

Netfabb Professional is user friendly and you can start working straight away. No days of working yourself through tons of manuals! When you save time and money on every single manufacturing process you’re soon going to make a lot of profit.
For more information please check out netfabb Professional on our website download the netfabb Professional brochure, check the list of new features in netfabb Professional 5 as well as the list of supported file formats

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