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SILVER LATTICE STRUCTURES AT EUROMOLD MULTISTATION unveils new process ideal for aerospace and automotive applications


Above: Four different lattice structures with 0.4mm beam diameter were silver casted and printed on a Solidscape® MAX2 high precision 3D printer.

The netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S) software is a dedicated software which can easily design automatically high complex lattice structures like progressive and conformal ones.

Enabling this new capability is Solidscape’s 3D printing technology, the most accurate machine on the market with a layer thickness capability down to 6 microns. This extreme precision and pattern accuracy together with the industry’s best surface finish enables   the printing of fine lattice structures in wax. The parts produced by these machines are ideal for investment casting processes.

“The application spectrum of such lattice structures is countless: lightweight structures, filters, thermic exchangers, resilience (crash absorption), cells culture (for bones prosthesis for example) and why not a new way of designing aerospace parts or even jewellery parts,” states Yannick Loisance, CEO of Multistation.

“We are very proud that Multistation continues to discover new applications which will open new market for our 3D printers,” adds Fabio Esposito, CEO of Solidscape. “Multistation has been one of our most innovative partners for over 15 years.”

About MultistationSAS

Since 1987, Multistation, a French company, has been integrating innovative and disruptive solutions in digital manufacturing, supplying internationally heavy and complex machine-tools and equipment for automation of composites, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. Multistation’s customers are coming from the transport sector as well as the energy, luxury, medical, academic and defense industries. Multistation has become a key actor in the additive manufacturing supply and value chain.

About netfabb
netfabb provides innovative software solutions that reduce production costs and increases efficiency in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. netfabb software bridges the gap between content and machines and is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. 

About Solidscape®, Inc.
Solidscape®, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratasys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS), is the leader in high precision 3D printers for direct manufacturing applications. Over the years, Solidscape has set the bar for the highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability. Solidscape printers are marketed through a global network of distribution partners, and are used for casting fine jewelry, dental restorations, turbine blades, medical, orthopedics, consumer goods, electronics, toys and many other high precision products.

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