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SolidScape ‘s 5th Annual Customer Design Competition


Design Entry Requirements:
• Submit a unique, original design (not previously submitted)
• Provide company or individual designer name, business location and email
• Grant permission to promote the winning design – this is the designer’s opportunity to receive international recognition!

Winners Receive Cash Prizes (up to 2 winners per prize level based on Best Design or Best Use of Technology):
• Platinum $800 USD
• Gold $600 USD
• Silver $400 USD

Entries will be judged at Baselworld based on the following criteria:
• Successful wax model printed by Solidscape 3D printer
• Best Design – artistry & style
• Best Use of Technology (CAD/Solidscape 3D printing)
• Dates:

Entry deadline: March 10, 2015; initial judging begins March 12, 2015
Finalists on display at Baselworld: starting March 19, 2015
Winners announced at Baselworld: March 22, 2015

Design Entry Process:
1. Online registration of your design entry: here
2. Upload your design .STL and CAD rendering or photograph of the finished design on there for vlushear@solid-scape.com

This will be the 5th year Solidscape has conducted this jewelry design competition at Baselworld. Good luck!

Photo : Winners - Solidscape competition 2014
PLATINUM Grand Award – OG-Art Studio, Bialystok, Poland
Gold Award - Tie – Stanislav Drokin - Ukraine
Gold Award - Tie – Alain Dinant - France

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