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[SPEE3D] Introducing XSPEE3D



The World’s Fastest All In One Containerised Metal 3D Printer


XSPEE3D – our newest metal 3D printer. Designed for expeditionary use for industries operating remotely.

XSPEE3D is fully transportable as a standard shipping container with the printer and all auxiliary equipment in one box. The printer is easy to use and deploy, requiring only a connection to electrical power. Once the printer is live, anyone can begin fabricating parts immediately, and quickly. Alike our other metal 3D printers, XSPEE3D uses our patented Supersonic Deposition (SP3D) process, a process 1,000 times faster than other additive manufacturing methods, capable of manufacturing metal parts in just minutes.

For example, when at Land Forces, XSPEE3D produced an array of parts, including this 3kg Copper wheel, printed in just 23 minutes on the show floor.


One of the dozens copper wheels printed on XSPEE3D at Land Forces

Also unlike other printers, XSPEE3D can 3D print quality metal parts from over 12 metal alloys, including copper, stainless steel, titanium, high-strength aluminium, and nickel-based carbides, and can withstand extreme heat and rough terrain in the field. Uniquely, SPEE3D harnesses the power of kinetic energy rather than relying on high-power lasers and expensive gasses, allowing printing at affordable production costs. The printer can be deployed to remote locations and helps maximise productivity, strengthen inventory, and bring rigour to the world’s weakening supply chain.

“One of the most significant issues the military faces today is the ability to resolve critical spare part requirements in the field, a challenge that worsens in the face of global supply chain issues,” said Byron Kennedy, CEO of SPEE3D. “With the introduction of the XSPEE3D, we’re solving this issue with the ability to make reliable and affordable metal parts from anywhere, including in harsh, remote military field conditions. We understand the operational, economic, and supply chain issues Defence faces and look forward to continuing to work with them to help solve these challenges.”


CEO Byron Kennedy in front of XSPEE3D at Land Forces

The UK’s Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), is an independent research and technology organisation that works with the military and the world’s top companies. During Land Forces we announced our partnership with MTC, who will become the first organisation to utilise the XSPEE3D printer.

“Our goal at the MTC is to bridge the gap between industry and academia to showcase the world’s foremost technologies to our wide-ranging clients, including those in Defence, and metal 3D printing is crucial for us to understand and teach them,” said Dr. Ken Young, Director of Technology at the MTC. “We chose the XSPEE3D for its unique capability to be deployed in harsh environments, which makes it ideal for military use or for creation of spare parts in remote locations. This opens up a new area of application for additive manufacturing that until now has been unachievable.”

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