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SPEE3D demonstrates world’s fastest metal 3D printer at Melbourne Grand Prix

Melbourne, Australia- April 11, 2022.

Australian additive manufacturing company, SPEE3D, showcased their world-leading metal 3D printing technology at the Melbourne Grand Prix.

The company’s flagship product, the WarpSPEE3D, is the world’s fastest metal 3D printer and can produce parts up to 1000 times faster than traditional methods. This makes it the perfect solution for on-demand production and rapid prototyping applications. For the event SPEE3D teamed up with Gary Rogers Motorsport to demonstrate the high-speed production of aluminum parts for the s5000 open-wheelers.

Byron Kennedy and Barry Richards from GRMotorSports holding SPEE3D printed s5000 parts Motor enhusiasts crowd watching live demo of SPEE3D printer

With a growing global customer base, SPEE3D has made a name for themselves in the additive manufacturing industry. In recent years they have claimed many awards for their technology, and hold the record for the world’s fastest print of a 1kg part. Headquartered in Melbourne, the company offered punters and global race teams the opportunity to witness this world-leading technology in action.

It was the first time crowds of motor racing enthusiasts were able to see dozens of metal parts printed on demand at the Melbourne Grand Prix. One of the many metal automotive parts featured at the event included a s5000 Support Arm. This 2.4 kilogram aluminium part was printed in only two hours on a WarpSPEE3D metal 3D printer for the low cost of just $180 dollars.

SPEE3D Printed Support Arm installed on s5000 Garry Rogers Motorsport SPEE3D printed Crest CNC machined Intake Runner Manifold on s5000 open-wheeler Garry Rogers Motorsport SPEE3D metal 3D Printed Support Arms on Garry Rogers MotorSport s5000 open-wheeler

The live demonstration at the event’s Versor Tech Hub highlighted how the printers are not restricted to workshop or lab environments. SPEE3D’s technology is currently the only metal additive manufacturing technology proven to have the ability to print metal parts anywhere and in some of the world’s toughest environments. Since 2020, SPEE3D, and the Australian Army, have been taking the equipment on off-road field trials, proving that it is possible to 3D print and validate their own spare parts in rugged bushland and extreme conditions.

SPEE3D finished bracket print Melbourne Grand Prix s5000 Garry Rogers Motorsport Support Arm SPEE3D metal 3D Printed

Byron Kennedy, CEO of SPEE3D states, “It was exciting to showcase our technology at this fantastic event here in Melbourne. SPEE3D’s technology is the world’s fastest way to make metal parts, and what better place to show this off than at the Grand Prix which is all about speed and innovation ! ”

More information on SPEE3D’s technology visit https://spee3d.com/

About SPEE3D

SPEE3D is an innovative supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. SPEE3D focuses on the development, assembly, and distribution of machines and integrated system solutions based on the patented cold-spray technology. The products enable significantly faster, lower-cost, and more scalable production than traditional metal printing techniques for copper and aluminium and other materials.

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