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Traditional titanium manufacturing

There are a litany of challenges associated with trying to manufacture titanium with traditional
manufacturing methods such as casting and forging. Vacuum casting and forging require energy intensive melting processes, are often dangerous, and expensive.

Manufacturing titanium with these methods is often complex, and require large-scale tooling,
such as vacuum moulds, to produce parts. This complexity inherently leads to inflated costs, on
top of an already expensive material.

What’s more, production via these methods are often subject to extreme lead times, forcing endusers to wait months, sometimes years, for parts to be produced.

Titanium casting forging and forming replacement






Titanium manufacturing with Titomic Kinetic Fusion

Manufacturing titanium with Titomic Kinetic Fusion, also called cold spray, turns metal powder
to part in just hours. The process deposits metal powders at supersonic speeds to rapidly build
up parts layer by layer, meaning there is no need for casting or forging. That also means that the
part you need is the part you create, saving time and material wastage compared to machining
from a forging.

Rather than using industrial tooling, Titomic uses robotic pathways to determine the shape of
a part. Titomic also uses low-cost titanium powders, and deposits metal with 99% efficiency.

The technology allows operators to create large titanium parts rapidly, and cost-competitively,

on demand and on location. Ultimately, Titomic Kinetic Fusion provides competitive advantages
to maximise productivity and output.

Titanium casting forging and forming replacement






Titomic Kinetic Fusion – a better way to manufacture
with titanium

Titanium casting forging and forming replacement Titanium casting forging and forming replacement


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