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3D printing filament PA GF FILSHAPER

PA GF is a polyamide with glass fibre, a 3D printing filament used to print very durable components such as machine parts, tools or housings. This material requires care in setting the print parameters well and using the right printer.

Properties of PA GF FILSHAPER

Polyamide with glass fibre is a material that exhibits higher strength and stiffness, while maintaining a low level of material brittleness. Thanks to its glass fibre reinforcement, it is also resistant to chemicals.

  • High mechanical strength – resistance to bending, compression.
  • Stress resistance and less risk of cracking and deformation
  • Higher stiffness than in ordinary polyamide, resulting in greater resistance to mechanical loads
  • Bending resistance
  • Temperature resistance of more than 100°C
  • Resistance to chemicals including greases, oils, solvents

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Difficulties in printing PA GF FILSHAPER:

Compared to other materials used in 3D printing, PA GF is difficult to print, it is more prone to twisting, layer separation. It is therefore particularly important to select the printing parameters for this filament and to adapt them to the printer you are using. Attention should be paid to the lower printing speed, higher printing temperature and faster material flow.

In addition, glass fibre reinforced polyamide is more difficult to work with than other materials, so it is often subjected to treatment – grinding or polishing. This is necessary to achieve a completely smooth surface.

PA GF FILSHAPER application

Glass-fibre polyamide is widely used in many industries, especially due to its very good mechanical properties and resistance to high temperatures.

Examples of PA GF applications:
  • Automotive industry – production of vehicle components – engine housings, gearboxes, fuel tanks, cooling and air conditioning components
  • Aerospace industry – manufacturing of structural components, handles, covers, housings
  • Electrotechnical industry – electronic equipment housings, wires, plugs
  • Medical industry – manufacturing of implants and medical equipment components
  • Food and beverage industry – production of machine components, e.g. for thermal processing

How does the preparation of PA GF FILSHAPER look like?

The most important thing when preparing polyamide with glass fibre for printing is to dry the filament properly. This material is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from its surroundings, so drying for several hours before printing is necessary. The filament should be stored in a sealed bag with a moist absorbent that will absorb excess moisture from the environment.

What is the price of PA GF filament?

The price of PA GF tends to be higher than that of unblended materials like ABS, PLA or PA itself. It depends on the manufacturer and the size of the order.

The best 3D printer for PA GF

The best 3D printer for PA GF filament, is the VSHAPER 500 PRO or 270 PRO machine. Thanks to its design, it will enable the correct temperature to be maintained inside the chamber. It will ensure perfect adhesion of layers and perfect dimensional tolerance.

Get to know the 500 PRO!

Keep in mind that if you have a VSHAPER printer and SOFTSHAPER software, you will receive a profile of the new filament with print settings that you will adapt to your project. This allows you to print efficiently and accurately straight away, without wasting time on trial prints on your machine.

Comparison between PA GF and PEEK GF, which 3D printing material should you choose?

Both PA GF and PEEK GF are advanced materials for 3D printing. Each offers very good mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. However, PEEK GF tends to be mechanically stronger, more resistant to chemicals and has a higher Tg temperature than PA GF. However, PEEK GF is more difficult to obtain and more expensive than PA GF. Therefore, it is worth considering which material will be more beneficial for a given print.

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