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YetiTool Smartbench - Trophée Griffon dégrossissage du bas relief

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YetiTool Smartbench - Laurent MARTIN dit LEBANCFUSTIER


Laurent MARTIN tells us everything : “Former officer in the French Alpine troops, I created the “Atelier du Banc Fustier” 12 years ago in Haute Tarentaise in Savoie, France. I am a cabinetmaker and wood sculptor. I also have notions of woodturning and I own a laser engraver-cutter. It’s not easy to fit into a specific category because I’m an incurable jack-of-all-trades ! I have just followed a training on the implementation of the epoxy resin. Since the end of last year, I purchased the Yeti Tool SmartBench, which has opened up new horizons for my creations. So now, whenever I can, I take this awesome machine. ”


Discover Laurent’s work in video

  • Click HERE to check his lettering engraving
  • Click HERE to check his wood engraving

Quote from Laurent

The purchase of the SmartBench allowed me to question myself. I took an engraving and cutting software to produce files in Gcode (VCarve Pro). Using the SmartBench allows me greater creativity and brings a precision that I could have before with my power tools. Thanks to its ease of handling, I was basically able from the start to carry out lettering engraving without any comparison with what I could have done with a simple router. I can also now, on bas-relief sculptures, save a lot of time on the rough-shaping operations. On my last creation, I was even able to machine epoxy resin, which was impossible for me with traditional tools. And I know that I have not yet finished exploiting the full potential of this machine. In short, this SmartBench is all about happiness !

YetiTool Smartbench - Atelier du Banc Fustier


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