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[Yeti Tool Customer Project] Contrast Design


Yeti Tool - Contrast Design


One of our customers was delighted with the results from our CNC Machine recently, declaring that “We’ve managed to build an entirely new spin-off business off the back of our SmartBench”.

Yeti Tool - Contrast Design

Contrast Design, a full-service design agency near Bournemouth that has been successfully operating since 2003, came to Yeti Tool with a request to purchase a SmartBench to help produce a client’s design project prototypes in-house.

Little did they know that within a few weeks, their SmartBench would have opened a new business stream, in addition to saving time and money.

We caught up with David, one of the Directors at Contrast Design, to find out more and ask him how SmartBench has increased the agency’s profits.

“We create all types of media from print work to signage to video to websites”.

“We specialise in the design side. We had a client with a unique requirement who asked us if we could design a storage box for three of their golf clubs.”

“We knew we could design it but weren’t sure how to build it. Our initial idea was to outsource that to a CNC company”.

Yeti Tool - Contrast Design

The development team at Contrast Design realised that they would need to create a lot of prototypes in-house and wondered if there was a way of using a CNC machine to take care of that part of the product development work.

“It was clearly going to be quite expensive to keep going to a CNC machine shop to run off different prototypes,” said David.

“After doing initial research, we came across SmartBench. The fact you could pack up the CNC and it has a full-size bed was really appealing to us. The price point also looked very good”.

“We used the SmartBench to produce 100 units in-house ourselves. The SmartBench paid for itself from this first project,” added David.

Yeti Tool - Contrast Design

Since then, SmartBench is a manufacturing tool at Contrast Design, not a product development tool.

“We knew absolutely nothing about CNC machining, but the Yeti Tool CNC Academy got us up and running in days. It is a brilliant benefit of purchasing the SmartBench”.

“We plan to bring more work in-house, especially around our signage and art projects. It will help us to maximise profit,” concluded David.


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