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Meet F M Joinery

F M Joinery is based in Drumchapel, Glasgow and was founded in 2008 by Andrew Ferguson. After finding there was no credit being given to his work by housebuilders Andrew decided to go out on his own. Today he does a wide range of joinery work.

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F M Joinery and SmartBench

Andrew purchased SmartBench because he wanted to start making more bespoke products. He uses it for a range of things from small carvings to bespoke bookcases, wardrobes and even simply cutting a sheet to size “with pin point accuracy is great”.

“I am still learning every day with SmartBench and VCarve Pro but it is incredible the things they can do and I’m always looking forward to trying different programs/projects.”, he has even managed to match 150 year-old-panels with SmartBench. Andrew originally found out about Yeti Tool through a Facebook advert and thought long and hard about the purchase – but wishes he bought one sooner and urges others to do the same.

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“Money Making Machine.”

“I would say to potential buyers, if you have the money to purchase SmartBench then buy it, you won’t regret it.”

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