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Yeti Tool | Customer Project : GIDEON MADE IT


Yeti Tool - Gideon

Meet Gideon Makes Things

Based in London, Gideons business started after he began making furniture for a house he was renovating. He soon realised that he enjoyed designing and building more than his day job so he decided to cut back on the office hours to two days a week in order to focus on is new business, Gideon Made It.

Yeti Tool - Gideon Yeti Tool - Gideon

Gideon and SmartBench

Gideon’s SmartBench is used for a wide range of tasks, from making jigs, cabinets, curved tops and logos – Gideon enjoys seeing what projects he can now produce on his SmartBench. He even went as far as making his own wedding ring with it!

Another notable job SmartBench has assisted him with, is creating custom logos for clients.

“Without SmartBench it would have been expensive to outsource as it takes testing to get it right. Being able to experiment using the SmartBench meant he could increase his profit margin.”

Rumour has it, Gideon is even hoping to purchase SmartBench number two soon…

Yeti Tool - Gideon Yeti Tool - Gideon


“SmartBench is exactly as marketed. My favourite feature of SmartBench is the ability to disassemble it quickly and store it away which comes in handy when space is limited, and along with this the customer support from the Yeti team has been excellent. I was completely new to CNCing so without them the learning curve would have been steep.”

Yeti Tool - Gideon Yeti Tool - Gideon


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