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Yeti Tool | Customer Project : JAIMY AND HIS JURASSIC PROJECT


YETI TOOL - Jaimy and his Jurassic Project

Meet Jaimy

Jaimy is a semi professional woodworker based in South Netherlands, specialising in custom furniture and a range of hobbyist projects. His early projects on Smartbench involved making slots for an oak wall unit, and creating some MFT style inserts for his new machine.

YETI TOOL - Jaimy and his Jurassic Project YETI TOOL - Jaimy and his Jurassic Project

Ever seen a ceiling mounted CNC machine?

Maybe you have, but we certainly hadn’t! Jaimy created his own custom rig which allows him to lift his disassembled SmartBench up and out of the way whenever it is not in use.

Jaimy & SmartBench

Having had experience using smaller CNC machines, Jaimy could see the potential in a large format solution for makers like himself. And with his new capabilities, he didn’t just go big – he went Jurassic!

YETI TOOL - Jaimy and his Jurassic ProjectYETI TOOL - Jaimy and his Jurassic Project


“I love the fact it can handle full sheets and is really accurate and easy to store (I keep mine stored at the ceiling of my garage). The controls are simple and easy to use, a lot easier than some of the other machines where you need an engineering degree to get them even moving.”





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