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Yeti Tool | Customer Project : Meet Takumi Woodwork



Meet Takumi Woodwork

Based in Niseko, Japan, Takumi Woodwork was founded by Louis Higgins, a skilled carpenter with a passion for his craft. He has always been a carpenter and one day decided to go on his own. Takumi Woodwork make cabinetry, small jigs and fixture to aid furniture making.

Takumi Woodwork and SmartBench

Takumi Woodwork describe SmartBench as “another member of staff”. Louis is able to do other things while it cuts components for me and he found as soon as he got it, he started getting work he wouldn’t normally be able to do, and once he learned the software he was able to do it quickly. Louis’s favourite thing about SmartBench is “price. It’s an entry into CNC. If that’s a boring reason, maybe I would say YetiPilot as it means I don’t need to worry about learning feeds and speeds perfectly all of a sudden.”


When asked to describe SmartBench in three words, they used, “cost-effective, intuitive, portable ”


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