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Yeti Tool | Customer Project : PLINTHY


Yeti Tool - Plinthy

Meet Plinthy

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Stuart and Rachel offer ready made props for businesses to use in photography, set design and in store. Both being photographers themselves they identified a need for ready made props that were available to buy in a wide range of colours and shapes online. Unable to find a solution, they started their business together, Plinthy.

Yeti Tool - Plinthy Yeti Tool - Plinthy

Plinthy and SmartBench

Plinthy use SmartBench alongside their 3D printers to fabricate their products, utilising SmartBench to carve textures or create larger customer shapes. These tools have allowed them to drastically speed up production and work on much bigger projects than they were able to before. One of their favourite features is how easily they can assemble/pack down SmartBench to be transported, so that they are able to easily move workshops as they grow!

Yeti Tool - Plinthy Yeti Tool - Plinthy


“Efficient, Portable, Reliable. SmartBench has hugely sped up our workflow and allowed us to expand our offerings. Super easy to get the hang of – we’ll be long time fans we reckon!”


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