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YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely

Meet Product Quickstart

Noah, the director of Product Quickstart provides efficient and effective product development services to the startup and inventor community. With 25 years experience in designing, engineering and prototyping, he discovered that he had a real passion for assisting “inventor-entrepreneurs, startups, and early-stage companies,” which prompted him to create Product Quickstart.

YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely

Product Quickstart and SmartBench

SmartBench is predominantly used for prototype development, and some low volume production parts. It has enabled Noah to “streamline his prototyping process and create more parts without outsourcing.”  Most notably it has “expanded his creative options, allowing him to experiment with techniques and parts that he likely would not have outsourced in the past due to the complications involved with the particular parts and assemblies.”

YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely


Referred to as “The machine,” Noah’s favourite feature of SmartBench is “the large format combined with a relatively small footprint making it versatile, simple and adaptable.”

Also, check out what Noah’s made with our new CNC stylus !

YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely YETI TOOL - Noah Mc Neely

If you’ve not already, check out this video featuring our new accessory CNC Stylus. Draw, plot & cut – turn your SmartBench into a CNC multitool !


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