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[Yeti Tool Customer Project] Stereodudes Halvorsen


YETI TOOL - Stereodudes

Meet Stereodudes

The Stereodudes are a car shop based in Drammen, Norway; which specialises in producing car stereo’s with B2 Audio. Initially involved in importing the B2 audio, Martin (director) stumbled across the opportunity to start a car audio shop and hasn’t looked back since. Focusing on quality, function and appearance, and they are passionate about selling products that meet all needs.

YETI TOOL - Stereodudes YETI TOOL - Stereodudes

SmartBench and Stereodudes

After hearing about us through one of our distributors, Martin decided to take the plunge and invest. Since he purchased SmartBench he’s been “impressed with its capabilities,” and is currently using SmartBench for engraving, building Subwoofer-Enclosures and making rings and pods to fit speakers.

YETI TOOL - Stereodudes YETI TOOL - Stereodudes


“Being easy and accurate, SmartBench has helped me out so much, the system is so good! Now I have the time to build complete car audio systems for customers, and with its efficiency I can develop my business even further !”.

YETI TOOL - Stereodudes YETI TOOL - Stereodudes


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