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Dub Buses

Dub Buses

Dub Buses, based in Lincolnshire, is a campervan conversion business that began back in 2010 when the founder attended Glastonbury with a simple tent. Unfortunately, that year was exceptionally wet, but it sparked an idea: why not build their own camper for next year’s festival? And so, Dub Buses was born.

With no prior experience in woodworking, the first camper turned out surprisingly well. Year after year, a new camper was built, and the old one was sold. The founder’s experience managing a Jaguar body shop proved invaluable, as each camper underwent a full-colour change and body modifications.

In 2018, the founder decided  to leave his secure job and establish Dub Buses. Fast forward to today, and Dub Buses is a thriving business known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Dub Buses and SmartBench

A significant part of their success story is attributed to SmartBench. Since incorporating SmartBench into their operations, Dub Buses has been able to design and build custom units with ease. Previously, they either purchased ready-made units or hand-cut them, but SmartBench allowed them to experiment with different materials like acrylic and Dibond.

Although initially a novice in CNC programming, the founder quickly adapted and mastered VCarve, making the design process second nature within 18 months.

The real game-changer came when they designed and built a Long Wheelbase Crafter using SmartBench. The ability to create precise designs and nest them efficiently on sheets of lightweight laminate ply from Egger saved them both time and money. Mistakes were minimized, ensuring that every inch of the expensive material was put to good use.


“I cannot say how good the customer service has been from Yeti Tool. The few issues we’ve had over the past 2 years have been dealt with better than any other company I’ve ever dealt with. Within a couple of days, parts have been replaced which keeps the business flowing.”


Article from our partner Yeti Tool


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