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Epoxy Resin Designs

Epoxy Resin Designs, located in Cape Coral & Fort Myers, Southwest Florida, USA is an innovative company founded four years ago. They create unique and coastal art using epoxy resin, specifically providing custom resin finishes for a wide range of surfaces (kitchen countertops, vanities, tables, and more). Their expertise extends to crafting new wooden countertops with epoxy resin, perfectly mimicking the appearance of real stones like marble and exotic varieties. Their portfolio can be explored on their website and Facebook page, “Epoxy Resin Designs.” But that’s not all; Epoxy Resin Designs also offer hands-on paint parties where individuals can learn to paint seascapes on various items such as 24″ wooden flip-flops and surfboards.

Additionally, a division of the business, Seascape Art by Kan, crafts custom art on plywood and MDF. You can explore their exceptional creations on their Facebook page, “Seascape Art by Kan.”


Epoxy Resins and SmartBench

Before introducing SmartBench into their operations, Epoxy Resin Designs’ art department had to manually cut plywood and MDF blanks for their projects. This process involved drawing shapes on sheets of wood and cutting them out by hand with a jigsaw. It would take 2 1/2 hours to manually cut out 20 wooden flip-flops from a full 8′ x 4′ sheet.

Now, they can effortlessly place a full 8′ x 4′ plywood sheet on SmartBench and let the machine work its magic. With the ability to cut out thousands of shapes in a year, Epoxy Resin Designs is now incorporating custom signs as an option for their customers. With the SmartBench, this time has been dramatically reduced to just 30 minutes, making it a game-changer for their business. The improved efficiency of the SmartBench means that they anticipate the machine will pay for itself by next April. SmartBench has not only sped up their production but has expanded the range of possibilities they can offer their clients.

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Owner of Epoxy Resin Designs, speaking about their experience with SmartBench, said, “We were doing a lot of research on an affordable CNC machine. I almost pulled the trigger on a competitor machine. The one thing that I didn’t like was the other machine was only 4ft x 4ft, which meant you had to tile a full sheet, wasting too much time. I was reading reviews on the Vectric CNC when someone mentioned SmartBench. I did some searching and researched it. Then I contacted Eric Schiller (one of our US distributors). After talking to Eric and a couple of calls into the UK office, I decided that this machine ticked all the boxes.”

He continued, “As a beginner, SmartBench has been a steep learning curve, but I like that SmartBench will cut a full sheet. I love YetiPilot. As a beginner, this really helps to take some of the guesswork out of operation. The ‘resume’ feature has been very useful. When you load a new file, we like that it can check the file for errors. The console is also a great feature as we can monitor what the machine is doing. The online training videos on your website have been very helpful in getting up and running.”

Reflecting on their experience with SmartBench, he added, “As a company owner, customer care is very important. Yes, you can have a great product, but when something goes wrong you need to know that the support to get you up and running again as quickly as possible is paramount.”



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