Yeti Tool | Intuitive CNC machining with smartbench is child’s play



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SmartBench has been showcased recently by a Yeti Tool customer to children as part of a wider initiative to highlight intuitive CNC machining.

Edinburgh Open Workshop purchased its first SmartBench from Yeti Tool in 2020 to provide CNC routing capabilities in their open-access workshop.

Workshop Manager JJ McGregor commented: “The Edinburgh Open Workshop provides a maker space, where our members can come in and work on their own projects as well as utilise our expertise to gain training.”

“We recently ran a Family Day, to encourage parents and children to see how we can help them to get the most from their own projects. This involved children aged six and upwards seeing how our CNC routers work in action.”

The Family Day saw a number of projects being completed, including pre-laser cut birdhouses, planter construction and balance boards.

“It was the ideal environment for the children to experience the intuitive CNC machining that SmartBench delivers,” added JJ.

“If kids can use an iPad, they can use a SmartBench. It was a great talking point, and it always drums up business at every public event we run,” he said.

Edinburgh Open Workshop purchased a second SmartBench in 2024 to cope with demand for CNC machining at the workshop, and there are other events such as a Christmas Market, a Summer Market and a Doors Open Day where the CNC routers are on display and put to good use.

“SmartBench has been a great investment and paid for itself very quickly. These CNC routers have been crucial to our growth and are essential for our project commissions,” concluded JJ.


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