Multistation becomes reseller of Waterjet in France



MULTISTATION announces the signing of an agreement with Waterjet Corporation S.r.l., manufacturer of water jet cutting and finishing machines.

logo Waterjet

Waterjet is an Italian company based in Monza near Milan which, since 1991, has been developing waterjet cutting and finishing processes (5 axes, with abrasive, etc.). With more than 1500 machines installed in 60 countries, Waterjet has a large international presence.

In 2020, Waterjet unveiled new patented high-efficiency hybrid and electric pump technologies. These pumps, in addition to reducing the energy consumed, allow the reduction of noise pollution and the size of the installation.

Waterjet is aimed at industrial customers looking for quality and its offer complements Multistation’s proposal in simple entry-level waterjet cutting machines for Fablabs and education.

Example cut on a stainless steel sphere :

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