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Binder Jetting

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Desktop Metal – Production System™ P-1

Designed to bridge the gap between bench top development and mass production, the Production System™ P-1 is an open platform binder jetting...
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Desktop Metal – Production System™ P-50

Created by leading inventors of binder jetting and single-pass inkjet technology, the Production System™ P-50 is designed to be the fastest way...
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ADMATEC – 450-CH-400 furnace

This furnace handles both debinding and sintering steps with only one machine, taking up less space in your working environment...
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ExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max Flex

EXONE – S-Max Flex

S-Max Flex expands ExOne's sand binder jetting portfolio ExOne's most affordable sand 3D printer ever, the S-Max Flex, was developed...
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EXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160Pro

Desktop Metal – X160 Pro

Binder jet 3D printing for production is finally here with the X160 Pro, the 10th and largest metal 3D printer...
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EXONE X1_2019-03_X1 25Pro_frontX1_2019-03_X1 25Pro_sideExOne X1 25PROExOne X1 25PROExOne X1 25PRO

Desktop Metal – X25 Pro

The X25 PRO™ offers the ability to produce fine quality parts from a variety of materials including : 316L, 304...
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exone-systems-metal-innovent-plus_2EXONE Innovent+exone innovent-slide-2

Desktop Metal – Innovent X

Innovent X is the binder jetting machine from ExOne dedicated to R&D an small series production. It is a flexible,...
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EXONE – S-Print

The S-Print machine is the smallest ExOne machine for printing sand parts, moulds and cores. It is suitable for research...
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EXONE X1 S-MaxPièce sable X1 S-MaxPièce sable X1 S-Max


The S-Max is a high productivity machine for cold hardening binder systems. It is particularly suitable for foundry applications.
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EXONE X1 S-Max proEXONE X1 S-Max pro

EXONE – S-max Pro

The S-Max Pro is an evolution of the S-Max, with higher productivity and a wider choice of binders. It’s also...
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ADMATEC – 450-CS-400 furnace

After firing ceramic products in a debinding furnace, they are in the brown stage. The second and final post-processing step...
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ADMATEC – 450-CD-400 furnace

After 3D printing your ceramic parts with Admaflex 130 or 300, they are in the green stage. The debinding oven...
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