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Zortrax Apoller

Manufacturer : Zortrax
Sectors : Education, Fablabs, Industry, Aerospace, Automotive, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

The Zortrax Apoller is an intelligent desktop vapor smoothing post-processing device that delivers industrial-grade performance. All aspects of the smoothing process are managed by proprietary algorithms to ensure that the appearance of FDM 3D printed models is comparable to that of injection molded items.

Reference : ZORTRAXapoller
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Smart Vapor Smoothing (SVS) is a post-processing technology that uniformly smoothes surfaces on all types of models, including those with complex geometries and interlocking moving parts. This is achieved by automatically managing the temperature, pressure and concentration of solvent vapors in the Apoller’s smoothing chamber.

This technology is compatible with all 3D printers FDM, FFF, DLP; and is compatible with all filaments based on ABS, HIPS and ASA regardless of their manufacturer. It allows to easily adapt its production; this solution can be easily integrated in a production center. Production farms will be able to manufacture products with a quality comparable to that of injection molding at a reduced price.

  • Build volume: 300 x 250 x 250 mm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
  • AC input: 110 V ~ 13.6 A 50/60 Hz ; 240 V ~ 6.3 A 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply parameters: 24 V DC @ 21 A, 500 W
  • Maximum power consumption: 1500 W
  • Maximum working temperature: 90° C
  • Minimum working temperature: -20°
  • Ambient operation temperature: 15-30° C
  • Storage temperature : 0-35° C


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Zortrax is a Polish company which delivers comprehensive solutions for the 3D printing industry. It is also one of few producers offering the printer together with dedicated software and specially developed printing materials. Zortrax has developed technology designed for rapid prototyping. Zortrax was founded by Rafal Tomasiak and Marcin Olchanowski.…

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