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3D Printers

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sintratec-s2-sls-systemSintratec_S2_MoodSintratec_S2_Main PictureSintratec_S2 System and PostProcessing Solutions

Sintratec S2

With Sintratec S2, the new scalable compact system, you can turn your ideas into reality within a short period of...
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This professional printer is for designers, design offices and education. The Method allows maximum innovation with a minimum investment: speeding...
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MAKERBOT – Replicator+

The Makerbot Replicator + 3D Printer is for those who want to print 3D objects accurately such as design offices....
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Flashforge adventure3Flashforge adventure3Flashforge adventure3Flashforge adventure3Flashforge adventure3Flashforge adventure3

FLASHFORGE Adventurer 3

Small but compact structure, with no angular design, providing a 150 x 150 x 150 mm build size
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Raise 3D N1Raise 3D N2+Raise 3D N2+Raise 3D N2+Raise 3D N1


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Sintratec Kit

The Sintratec Kit is the ideal first step into the world of additive manufacturing. It is especially suitable for producing...
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Filament Maker: professional device to produce filament for 3D printers

Make your own filament with this semi-industrial extruding line. The Filament Maker is fully configurable and adaptable to your clients’ needs.
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Sintratec S1

The laser sintering machine for your professional needs.
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Cubicon LuxCubicon LuxCubicon LuxCubicon LuxCubicon Lux

Cubicon Lux

Cubicon Lux is a DLP 3D Printer.  
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Cubicon Single+Single+Single+Single+Single+Single+Single+

Cubicon Single Plus

Low-cost industrial 3D Printer, large format printing, user-friendly, simple maintenance, high speed, superior design, a silent closed structure.
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photo de la Leapfrog bolt proBolt ProBolt ProBolt ProBolt ProBolt ProBolt ProBolt Pro

Leapfrog Bolt PRO

The Bolt Pro is an industrial machine, not just an electronics device. It is built for outstanding performances and long...
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MAKERBOT - Replicator Z18MAKERBOT - Replicator Z18MAKERBOT - Replicator Z18MAKERBOT - Replicator Z18Z18Z18Z18

MAKERBOT – Replicator Z18

The best price-to-performance ratio in the extra-large, professional 3D printer category.
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