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Manufacturer : Iemai 3D
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Fablabs, Industry, Jewelry, Medical, Railway

The MAGIC-HT-PRO from IEMAI 3D is a high-performance material 3D printer with a large built volume of 310 x 310 x 480 mm.

Reference : IEMAI3DmagicHTpro
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MAGIC HT PRO 3D printer

IEMAI high performance material 3D printer MAGIC-HT-PRO is a 3D printing device based on the principle of fuse deposition (FFF) technology, with printing temperature up to 450 ° C, hot bed temperature of 170 ° C, and 130°C chamber temperature.

It adopts a double detachable extruders and liquid-cooling system.

Most of the polymer 3D printing filaments on the market are supported, including special engineering plastics PEEK, PEAK, PEKK, PPSU, ULTEM, CARBON, METAL FILL etc.,

With detachable double print heads, creating simple maintenance conditions, MAGIC-HT-PRO supports PLA and water-soluble support materials (PVA), as well as the printing of ABS and limonene support material (HIPS), it also opens up the possibility of soluble support for special engineering plastics PEEK, PPSU and PEI.

IEMAI produces PEEK, PPSU, PEI, ABS, etc.




  • Printable materials : PEEK , ULTEM, PPSU, PEAK, PEKK, PC, PA, Carbon Fiber, PETG, TPU, etc.
  • Filament diameter : 1.75mm
  • Open material system, Compatible with 3rd party filaments

Build volume

  • Print size (xyz): 310x310x480mm (12.2 x 12.2 x 18.8 inches)


  • Max extruder temperature : 842°F / 450 ℃
  • Max chamber temperature : 248°F / 130 ℃
  • Max hot bed temperature : 338°F / 170℃

3D Printer and printing properties

  • Layer resolution : 50 Microns
  • Position Accuracy : X/Y12.5 Microns Z:1.25 Microns
  • Feeder system: Direct, Near end extrusion
  • Extruder type : Dual, detachable, 450℃ high temperature hotend
  • Nozzle size : standard 0.4 mm, optional 0.2~1.0mm
  • Max print speed : 150 mm/s
  • Frame : Metal, glass
  • Closed print chamber : Yes, fully enclosed
  • Temperature controlled print chamber : YES
  • Print bed : High viscosity fiberboard, CARBON FIBER Plate, Composite Metal (optional)
  • Display : 5 inches full color touch screen
  • Firmware : Open-source
  • Connectivity : USB/SDCard/Wi-Fi (cellphone)
  • Internal volume is 180L, which can be placed in 36 rolls of 1kg/spool filament.


  • Slicing : Cura, IEMAI3D, Simplify3D, Compatible with other
  • Operating system(s) : Windows7/8/10 64bit.

Dimensions and weight

  • Machine outer dimensions (xyz) : 702 x 624 x 1580 mm (27.6 x 24.5 x 62.6 inches)
  • Net Weight : 238 KG (524.7 pounds)


  • 100~250 V
  • 50~60Hz,3000 W

Multifunctional moisture proof cabinet for tools and consumables. (Option)

  • Humidity control range : 10~20%


Iemai 3D

Iemai 3D

High performance materials industrial applications IEMAI focuses on the R&D, production and sales of 3D printing equipment, and provides 3D printing solutions for industrial applications of high-performance materials. IEMAI implements high quality standards for product development and production, and all current 3D printers have obtained CE and ROHS certification. IEMAI…

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