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[Anisoprint Case Study] Aircraft seat support


Aircraft seat support

40% weight reduction, airplane lifetime cost reduction


  • Cost of fuel for every 1 kg in airplane : $2000 a year
  • Saved per one plane : 25 kg, $50 000 a year

Lifetime Cost of airplane decreases → Airlines choice

Aircraft seat support that bears 1.5 tons of load was anisoprinted on Composer 3D printer with a 40% weight reduction versus aluminum. With 100 such fixtures in an average single-aisle passenger plane, this weight reduction can add up to significant savings in fuel and overall operational costs. Thus such aircraft is more attractive for airlines, and the company-manufacturer gets more profit.

Anisoprinting is the technology for design and production of optimal composite structures through composite fiber co-extrusion. Thermoplastic polymers are reinforced with continuous fibers, consolidated and cured within a single-stage fully automated process, during printing. Through the technology you can reduce weight, production time and price that eventually leads to reducing your business costs.

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