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[CUBICON] Over extrusion


In most FFF type 3D printers, the amount of extruded filament is determined by the rotation speed of the drive gear. The diameter / density of the supplied filament and the diameter of the nozzle are calculated and used. It is difficult to accurately monitor the amount of filament that is actually printed and printed. If there is insufficient or too much extrusion, adjust the equipment or change the software settings to use.

Over extrusion

Change of print option

If the surface of the printout is poor in the form of excessive extrusion, the amount of extrusion is too large or the filling density is. Please try adjusting it . It is recommended that the typical fill density does not exceed 60% .

Defective lamination due to shrinkage

In the case of continuous output with deformation in the sculpture due to shrinkage, the shrinkage is placed at the extruded position. The filaments are extruded and stacked while the sculpture occupies the stacking space. May appear in a shape.

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