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[CUBICON] Poor extrusion at the start of printing


Look at each item below to resolve the issue

When filament or extruder is not ready before printing

When the filament, the material used for printing, is not sufficiently melted in the nozzle inside the extruder or when the extruder is preheated.

Or, after printing is finished, the filament inside the extruder may leak out little by little , and a blank space may be created inside the nozzle.

In this case, there may be a delay before the filament exits the nozzle again on the next extrusion.

When the nozzle starts too close to the bed

If the nozzle is too close from the bed surface, the filaments extruded from the nozzle space is extruded (extruded accumulate space) will be insufficient .

In this case, the distance between the nozzle and the bed must be adjusted so that the filament can be extruded normally .

Cubicon FFF type 3D printer can adjust this distance with the offset function of the equipment.

Filament wear due to drive gear

Most 3D printers use small gears called drive gears within the extruder to extrude the correct amount of filament.

If there is a lot of filament debris or broken parts are visible, the filament may be worn by the drive gear.

Failure to feed properly due to filament wear can lead to poor extrusion problems . To solve this problem.

Extruder clogged

Extruder clogging is caused by carbonization of the filament due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures inside the nozzle.

This can happen when external foreign matter gets trapped inside the nozzle, or the filament softens due to insufficient cooling of the extruder, resulting in internal twisting .

To clear the clogging of the extruder, the extruder must be removed and repaired or the clogged nozzle must be replaced .

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