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EASTMAN – Automated Cutting of Composites Reinforcement Saves Time and Material, Improves Quality


Automated cutting of reinforcement materials is fast, accurate and reliable. It reduces labor costs and material waste and can substantially boost throughput.

Although there have been rapid technological advancements in the manufacturing of composite parts, many composites fabricators are still cutting reinforcement materials by hand. While the use of automated material cutting is growing, many more fabricators could benefit from the adoption of this efficient and cost-effective technology.

Automated cutting is already the standard for the aerospace and marine industries. Why? Because the newest technology can dramatically reduce material waste, eliminate unnecessary labor, and improve quality. It will also increase throughput. If you’re not using automated cutting already, now is the time to reexamine your cutting processes and see what this technology can do for your business.

native eastman cutting machine

Eastman Machine Company (Buffalo, NY) works in tandem with industry engineers to design, build, and customize composite cutting machines suited for a wide variety of industries utilizing glass fiber, carbon fiber, and aramid in dry and prepreg forms. Family owned and operated for five generations, this U.S. company has been building cutting equipment for over 130 years. As such, they are well versed on what automated cutting can do for a composites fabricator and how best to apply it. Here’s more on the benefits of automated cutting from Eastman and how it is being applied at the well-regarded boat builder Maverick Boat Group.

The Benefits of Automated Cutting

There are four primary reasons to implement automated cutting :

  • reduced labor,
  • improved material utilization,
  • increased quality,
  • and far better efficiency and flexibility.

This short video shows how a conveyorized cutting system works on on common reinforcement materials for the marine industry.

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