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Composites Meetings 2023

La Cité Nantes Events Center - Nantes - France - Du 15.11 au 16.11

International business convention for composite materials

The EMC2 competitiveness cluster and abe-advanced business events are organizing the 9th edition of the Composites Meetings Business Convention to bring together, on November 15 & 16, 2023, international users and suppliers of composite materials in the form of 40-minute qualified and pre-programmed meetings.

Composite ADDITIVE manufacturing

More and more additive manufacturing processes are enabling the production of composite parts.

EURO-COMPOSITES® supplies not only sandwich panels and standard honeycomb core products, but also complete customized hybrid assemblies.

  • The manufacturer Euro-Composites will be present.

For very large parts (naval, aeronautical, etc.), we offer CARACOL‘s large-format additive manufacturing machines, 3D printing robots that extrude thermoplastic granules.

The end result is that a composite material part can be produced very quickly, with mechanical properties similar to those of metal parts, but with considerable weight savings.


CEVOTEC, an automation solution for complex composite geometries, with Fiber Patch Placement FFP technology for automated placement of carbon fiber patches, glass fiber patches, adhesive films, etc.

  • The manufacturer Cevotec will be present.

EASTMAN offers a wide range of automated and manual cutting systems for technical textiles.

PANINI manufactures autoclaves for polymerization of composite materials, vulcanization of polymers and processing of composite materials.

LAMINATING TECHNOLOGIES supplies thermo-sheathing machines, mainly for applying decorative films to aircraft interiors.

AUTONATIONAL supplies complete filament winding solutions, e.g. for the production of hydrogen tanks.

Composites Meetings 2023

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