[Mario Carnaghi] Aeronautics, what a passion !



The highlight of our July edition is addressed to the aeronautic sector and in particular to our machining center TGP.

Mario Carnaghi – President & CEO

“ We take care of this sector through the supply of both bridge type milling machines for the machining of aeronautical prismatic components as well as of vertical lathes for the machining of circular parts of missiles motors and boosters.

The exponential growth in the aeronautical and aeronautic sector gives us the positive input to go on deeply investing in technology and R&D.

Purposely we have incremented the series of machines with a new prototype for the 5 axes machinings of both circular and prismatic components.

A new-born machining center that propels us towards new growing commitments in many different application fields, with a series of machines ranging from 1250 mm up to 2000 mm of table diameter.”


A moving column machining center, equipped with Y axis movement; 1250 mm table; 1600 mm working diameter and movable cross-rail. The displacement of the column is achieved by means of a ballscrew and rolling shoes with high-accuracy prismatic guideways.

Its purely aeronautic vocation has made of this machine the fitting solution for a big-seized foreign Group involved in the machinings of aeronautical engines made of titanium. Thanks to the “Titanium package” expressly conceived by Mario Carnaghi the lubro-refrigeration of the tools is suitably controlled and tuned during the entire super alloys machinings cycle.

Said machining center is equipped with a universal 5-axes head integrated with a 7.000 rpm electrospindle and 400 Nm torque with automatic pick-up of the head. The TGP.10.1600 has a sturdy structure that enables to absorb the vibrations generated during machinings. Main task is to cover all sorts of turning operations through Capto C6 tools. The machine is having a tool magazine with 48 positions for HSK/Capto milling tools : it is vertically housed solidal to the column, with automatic change of the tools lower than 10”. On the opposite side it is housed a 12-posts drum-type magazine suitable for squared turning tools housing. All the linear axes are equipped with pressurized optical linear scales with very high precision; the rotating ones are controlled through angular encoder with resolution to the thousandth of a degree.

The latest as CNC control : Siemens 840D SL for the interpolation of the 5 axes ( X, Y, Z, C and A).

The aeronautical and aerospace industries had to forcibly put the accelerator on the production rate to keep up with the relevant sector growth. Parallel to that they’re developing new technologies aimed at improving their products quality and optimizing production costs.

An undoubted advantage for the Machine Tool Industry and for the Mario Carnaghi SpA that in the last years has supplied more than 20 machines to Companies involved in the aeronautic and aerospace sector.

Still today Mario Carnaghi is confirmed as one of the major exponents in the machine tools business and in this application field, serving and responding to the most reputed Companies globally recognized.

mario carnaghi - TGP.10.1600

TGP.10.1600 – Moving column lathe

  • Turning diameter : 1.600 mm
  • Table diameter : 1.250 mm
  • Max Machining Height : 1.100 mm
  • Max Weight on the table : 10.000 Kg ca.
  • Spindle Power : 2 X 44 Kw
  • Controlled axes: X, Z, Y, C, A
  • Tooling system HSK-100/Capto C6
  • CNC Siemens : 840D SL

Periodic information By Mario Carnaghi S.p.A – July, 2019

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