EASTMAN – Manual cutting systems

Manufacturer : EASTMAN
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry

Eastman’s line of manually-operated cutting machines includes a myriad of straight and round knives; hand-held rotary shears; drills and marking machines, and end cutters. Eastman’s line of fabric cutting machines have been setting the standard for over a century.

Reference : EASTMAN-ManualCuttingSystems
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  • Straight knives
  • Round knives
  • Rotary shears
  • Drills and marking
  • End cutters


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INDUSTRIAL TEXTILE CUTTING EASTMAN company, with more than a century experience in the field of fabrics cutting, offers a wide range of cutting system, completed with cutting software, raw materials handling and storage systems. Eastman Machine Company is a cutting machine manufacturer, providing custom engineered solutions and innovative technologies for…

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