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Manufacturer : Inkbit
Sectors : Industry

The Inkbit Vista is a multi-material industrial 3D printer.

It uses Inkbit’s patented solution, Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ), and multi-material design software. It offers a print volume of 500 x 250 x 200 mm.

Reference : InkbitVista
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Inkbit Vista

The Inkbit Vista is a printer using the Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) process, allowing to print parts in epoxy resins. It is even possible to print multi-material parts, with flexible or rigid resins.

Droplets of epoxy resin are projected through nozzles and then exposed to a UV lamp, the deposited resin is thus hardened.

Finally, topographic scanner systems are set up to monitor the quality of the part in real time and make changes during printing if necessary.

Inkbit Vista

  • Process : Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ)
  • Build volume : 500 x 250 x 200mm
  • Printer resolution : 32 x 63.5 x 18 µm
  • Maximum vertical (Z) build rate : 15 mm/hour
  • Vision system resolution : 32 x 32 x 20 µm
  • Dimensions : 2.8 x 1.5 x 2.4 m
  • Weight : approx. 1500 kg
  • Temperature environment : between 18 and 25 °C
  • Humidity environment : between 20 and 70 %

Inkbit Vista


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Inkbit is a startup created in 2017 within MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. This 3D printer manufacturer has developed a new additive manufacturing system driven by vision and artificial intelligence. Their new Vista printer uses a perfect mix between inkjet process and vision quality control.

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