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PROFETA – VP 100 pro

Manufacturer : Profeta
Sectors : Medical

The VP 100 pro has a volume of construction : Φ=120 mm, z=70 mm and is dedicated to the production of parts for the dental sector, crowns and stellites in cobalt chrome.

Reference : ProfetaVP100pro
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Profeta vp 100 pro : Dedicated Dental Metal 3D Printer

  • Dual-mode printer supports Cobalt-Chromium and Titanium, and the switching time is only 45 minutes;
  • Easy to start with Cobalt-Chromium mode and be able to upgrade to dual-mode later on;
  • Equipped with glove box and built-in cleaner to implement closed powder cleaning and to avoid harmful dust;
  • High printing quality for RPD frames, copings, post & core, surgical guide, orthodontic appliance etc;
  • Proved stability in domestic and global market

One-stop Solution Package

  • The one-stop solution package includes design software, slicing software, furnace, automatic screening cabinet and nitrogen generator;
  • Our solution achieves synergy effects for better quality and efficiency.

Customer Value

  • Designed for small-middle scale dental labs, and greatly supports all scale labs which require frequent powder switching;
  • Compact machine, requires minimum facility area, and easy to transport through elevator;
  • One dual-mode printer serves the purpose of two machines;
  • Closed powder cleaning function is designed for better HSE.


  • System size : 900 x 680 x 1760 mm
  • Weight : 480 kg
  • Operating temperature : 18 – 30 ° C
  • Electrical connection : AC220V, 16A
  • Power : 2.5 kW


  • Usable construction volume : Φ=120 mm, z=70 mm
  • Layer thickness : 30 – 40 μm
  • Laser type : Yb-fiber laser, 200W / 300 W
  • Focus diameter : 40 – 60 μm
  • Scanning speed : 15 m/s (max.)
  • Shielding Gas : Argon, Nitrogen
  • Material : CoCr, Ti, TC4


  • 130 copings/3.5-4.5 hours
  • 10RPD frames/3-3.5 hours




  Profeta Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, founded in September 2014, is located in the scenic U Valley of Nanjing Zijin in China. It is a one-stop provider of metal 3D printing solutions for the dental sector.  

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