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ScanTech – iReal M3 Color 3D Scanner

Manufacturer : SCANTECH
Sectors : Automotive, Industry, Fablabs, Education, Jewelry, Medical, Defense, Aerospace

The iReal M3 is the new portable scanner from Scantech. With its dual laser combinaison technology, it can scan an object, a human, indoor, outdoor in colors.

Reference : ScanTechiRealM3
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iReal M3 3D Scanner

iReal M Series Color 3D Scanner (M stands for Master) is a brand-new professional 3D scanner series launched by SCANTECH (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. Its infrared laser and structured-light modes enable smooth 3D data acquisition, without using mattifying spray on dark and shiny objects.

The applications can be scanning of humans or objects, inside or outside. iReal M brings professional and highly cost-effective 3D digitization solutions to 3D engineers, 3D designers, and scientific researchers to fulfill their demands of industrial design, art design, medical design, human body digitization, etc.

Lasers emitted lights are invisible and safe for the eye. Data quality is high with a precision to the tenth of millimeter, a better adaptability to various type of surfaces, colors, and all in the blink of an eye. The scanner has been optimized for human body scans.

Scantech ireal M3

iReal M3 3D Scanner

Dual light sources

  • Light sources: Infrared Parallel Laser Lines(1) | Infrared VCSEL Structured Light(2)
  • Technology: 7 Infrared Parallel Laser Lines(1) | Infrared Linear-array Structured Light (Speckle)(2)
  • Visibility: Invisible
  • Safety of lasers: EN 60825 Class Certificate (Eye-safe)
  • Safety of LED Lighting: EN 62471 Photobiological Safety Certificate

Scanning Characteristics

  • Ability to capture texture: Yes
  • Rapid scan mode: Ø(1) | Feature/Mixed/Texture alignments(2)
  • High-accuracy scan mode (on object): Markers alignment
  • Human body scanning: With four highlights*
  • Recommended object size: 0.05 m – 4 m(1) | 0.3 m – 4 m(2)
  • Outdoor scanning: Support

Scanning range:

  • Optimal scanning range: 400 mm
  • Optimal scanning distance range: 300 mm – 650 mm
  • Effective scanning range distance: 280 mm – 1000 mm
  • field of view: 400 mm x 240 mm(1) |Max field of view: 580 mm x 550 mm(2)

Scanning speed

  • Max. scanning speed: Up to 60 FPS(1) |Up to 15 FPS(2)


  • Point distance: 0.1 mm – 3 mm(1) | 0.2 mm – 3 mm


  • Basic accuracy: Up to 0.1 mm
  • Volumetric accuracy: Up to 0.25 mm/m

Data output

  • Output formats: .obj ; .stl ; .ply ; .asc ; .mk2 ; .txt ; .epj ; .apj ; .spj ; .sk
  • The ability for 3D printing : Yes


  • Working temperature range: -10°C – 40°C
  • Interface: USB 3.0

Scanner dimensions and weight:

  • Dimensions: 140 × 94 × 258 mm
  • Weight: 856 g

Power source

  • Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 24=3.75A, 90W max


  • Certification: CE-EMC, CE-LVD, FCC, RoHS, EN 60825, EN 62471, WEEE

Data with (1) referred to Infrared Parallel Laser Lines

Data with (2) referred to Infrared VCSEL Structured Light

When there no indication, it referred to every light sources.

*Invisible light scanning, hair scanning, scanning in dark environments, automatically remove the displacements caused by movements


Logo Scantech


Hangzhou ScanTech Co., Ltd. Hangzhou ScanTech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of intelligent visual inspection equipment. As one of the most professional 3D digital equipment suppliers, ScanTech has registered and obtained a number of technology patents. The R&D team has developed a…

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