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S325 / S325+ : Affordable precision


Solidscape S325 et S325+

Two 3D wax printers for jewelry. The standard for 3D printer precision.

The S325 and new S325+ deliver the extraordinary precision jewelers need at the right price — whether you’re new to 3D printing or a CAD expert ready to upgrade to the industry’s best castability, model quality and production performance.

  •  Higher precision for custom jewelry designers
  • Ultra-fine details for one-of-a kind designs
  • Higher production for small jewelry manufacturers
  • Meets your daily workflow needs

Is the Solidscape S325 or S325+ the best fit for your jewelry production ?

No matter which S325 3D wax printer for jewelry you select, you’ll be up and running quickly with Solidscape’s reliable, easy-to-use system, unmatched accuracy and the best materials in the business for 3D printing and casting.


We know there’s more to your workflow than printing. The S325 and S325+ Solidscape 3D wax printers for jewelry add value at every step :

  • Get exactly what you design in CAD. Reliable accuracy with every print, including fine filigree, pristine surface finish and perfect prongs for fast stone setting.
  • Create with total freedom. Automatically generated supports so there’s no need to build supports in your design and no need to design around the need to build supports.
  • Save hours of labor in post-processing. Dissolve-away support material means no more tedious clipping and filing.

Solidscape transforms your workflow so you can design the jewelry of your dreams, no matter how complex.

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