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Yeti Tool | Customer Project : MASTRO SIGNS


Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs

Meet Mastro Signs

Mastro Signs is a signage company based in Trafford, set up by Matt. Mastro signs offer a wide range of bespoke services such as printing, sign making and installation. The business was started after Matt was receiving more and more requests from friends, asking him to design signs which then could be taken to a sign company to be made. Naturally with his experience, he decided to start making the signs as well – and with this Mastro Signs was born.

Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs

Mastro Signs and SmartBench

SmartBench is used for routing shapes & letters, on a wide range of materials for signage. SmartBench has allowed the business to be able to do more things in-house, meaning a reduction in overall production costs. Since having SmartBench Mastro Signs have been able to offer more complex services to their customers that they couldn’t before. Their “favourite feature of SmartBench is it’s size and price”.

Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs


“Versatile, consistent, and easy to use – SmartBench’s affordability, overall footprint and quality are what really tipped us over the edge to give it a try. We’re really happy with the purchase.”

Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs Yeti Tool - Mastro Signs


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