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Yeti Tool - Van Week

Meet Van Week

Cyril Beauchêne has been a passionate cabinetmaker for more than 15 years, based in the heart of the Angevin vineyard in France. He started in January 2022 by creating his “Made In France” craft business : Van Week.

Specialized in the manufacture of travel trunks for light vehicles, this young passionate company highlights the ancestral know-how of the cabinetmaker with noble and resistant materials carefully selected from local companies. Ergonomic trunks combine practicality, comfort, lightness and optimization of space by adapting to all types of vehicles.

« Have you ever imagined that your station wagon, 4×4, minivan, MPV, and van could become a comfortable 4* room with quality bedding, a kitchenette and storage optimized for eating, cooking and sleeping while allowing you to sneak around and explore the world however you want? Van-week is the ideal and suitable solution for your future getaways alone, as a couple or with friends for a weekend or a road trip whenever and wherever you want. »

Yeti Tool - Van Week Yeti Tool - Van Week

Van Week & SmartBench

Van Week offers personalized travel trunks for vehicles by offering solutions adapted to the expectations and desires of its customers: an aesthetic, light and comfortable trunk made to measure by them with the SmartBench.

With the Van Week travel trunk, the vehicle does not need to undergo any transformation, it becomes an everyday vehicle again in no time.

Yeti Tool - Van Week Yeti Tool - Van Week


« SmartBench is a fantastic tool that allows you to easily create templates or repetitive machining with superior precision and cutting quality. In addition, the French version of the application simplifies my handling. Thanks to this tool, I can offer custom products at a reasonable cost for my customers Machining quality that minimizes sanding work With the addition of a cyclonic vacuum system, I no longer worry about filling the vacuum bag Coupled with the FUSION 360 Start Up solution, I benefit from a powerful tool that is perfectly compatible with the SmartBench. »


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