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Finecut machine waterjetFinepart machine waterjet

FINECUT Waterjet Machining Center 500 II

The Finecut WMC 500 II is a new generation of precision machine tool using waterjet technology. the envelope size is...
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Ricoh AM S5500p Imprimante 3D de productionPièce Ricoh AM S5500p Imprimante 3Darton1259

Ricoh AM S5500p

Polymer Laser Sintering System for Additive Manufacturing of Functional Prototypes and End-use Parts
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Scanner 3D SOLUTIONIX D500arton1387D500 1D500 2

Solutionix D500

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X-ray Computed Tomography solutions

CT has been widely used for many years in medicine for imaging and diagnosis. With the additive manufacturing rapid development,...
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HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S3

This advanced model enhances the well proven structured-light-technology with a way better handling. Never before it has been easier to...
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HP PRO S3arton756HP PRO S3

HP 3D Structured Light Scanner Pro S2

This advanced model enhances the well proven structured-light-technology with a way better handling. Never before it has been easier to...
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Multistation’s Progressive Design activity which includes as well software for topological optimization and automatic generation of lattice structures, is enhanced...
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3D Scanner Heavy Duty Quadro

A Special-purpose scanner, which guarantees obtaining high accuracy in harsh environment.
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Imprimante 3D PEEKImprimante 3D PEEKImprimante 3D PeekFunmat HTfilamentFunmat HTFunmat HTFunmat HT


High Performance Functional Material 3D Printer (400°C)
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XFAB Laser stereolithography

The XFAB can turn a much wider variety of materials into solid: acrylate resin, ABS,
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Eagle S125 Static Table Cutting System

Eastman’s Static Cutting Table System is capable of cutting, marking, drilling and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of...
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Eagle C125 Conveyor Cutting System

The Eagle™ C125 conveyor system has supreme capabilities for single- to low-ply cutting requirements. It has the ability to continuously...
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EVO: Ultra precision CNC Machining Center

The Kern Ultra Precision EVO CNC Machining Center is available for 3-5 axis machining of medium to large production lot...
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Micro : High Precision CNC Machining Center for single-part and small series production

The Kern Micro is a new compact 3 or 5-axis vertical machining center offering full automation and nano range precision...
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Pyramid Nano

The Pyramid Nano can be configured to your individual requirements - further accessories and options are available
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slm500hl.0079-300x200-2Helice SLM Solutions

SLM 500

The SLM 500 selective laser melting machine is an ideal solution for production of large metal part while increasing productivity...
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Metal powders dedicated to metal additive manufacturing

Multistation is offering, available from stock, different types of metal powders dedicated to the various metal additive manufacturing processes.
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Autodesk Netfabb

Autodesk Netfabb® est un logiciel qui propose une solution complète pour éditer et corriger les problèmes récurrents concernant la qualité...
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arton270Helice SLM Solutions

SLM 125

This compact and economic machine adapts easily to the needs of users.
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SLM 280 2.0

The op­ti­mal ap­proach for re­li­able metal part pro­duc­tion and pro­to­types. Flex­i­ble, safe and ef­fi­cient. Up to 80% higher build-up rate.
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arton599Arcam Lattice Metal Additive ManufacturingArcam - Knee Metal additive manufacturingMetal additive manufacturingArcam - CFM ImplantARCAM Implants

ARCAM Q10plus, for production of medical implants

The Arcam Q10plus is the third generation EBM machine for additive manufacturing, designed specifically for industrial production of orthopedic implants.
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Software MATERIALISE “Mimics Innovation Suite”

Medical Image Segmentation for Engineering on Anatomy Remaining extremely intuitive and easy to learn software, Mimics provides very powerful features....
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Cubicon Single+Single+Single+Single+Single+Single+Single+

Cubicon Single Plus

Low-cost industrial 3D Printer, large format printing, user-friendly, simple maintenance, high speed, superior design, a silent closed structure.
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